• Supervise a social impact theater company producing multiple events across the Northeast and Los Angeles
  • Over 5 years experience in anti-racist grassroots organizing
  • Over 5 years experience managing social media outreach and online marketing
  • Expertise in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, WordPress, WIX and Vertical Response


Co-Artistic Director

Company Cypher, New York, NY                                                                              2012-Present

  • Producer of over 30 plays, community events and readings
  • Create and maintain website updates, social media presence and blog
  • Expertise in creating strategies for community outreach and audience development for shows and educational workshops among diverse and low-income communities
  • Design press releases, press packages and promotional material
  • Author and manager of two successful grants
  • Utilize Facebook and Twitter to create social media parties that galvanizes live discussions via social media, viewed by nearly 500 people

Community Organizer

New York, NY                                                                                                         2011-Present

  • Raise over $50,000 in funding for an Undoing Racism Workshop through online and social media outreach resulting in 35% increase in registration
  • Utilize mailing lists, Facebook, Twitter, websites and blogs to advertize event to thousands of people throughout multiple networks
  • Arrange post show talk backs with artists and community leaders from such organizations as WORTH, Picture the Homeless, Stop & Frisk Freedom Fighters and PISAB
  • Fund Undoing Racism Scholarship for members of WOW Café Theater (women and transgender arts collective)

WOW Café Theater Member & Former Board President

New York, NY                                                                                                           2011-Present

  • Responsible for annual insurance coverage and fundraising
  • Knowledge of working in non-hierarchical collective based leadership models

Teaching Artist & Facilitator

New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut                                                             1997-Present

  • Conduct numerous Cyphering Education workshops for students ranging from Junior High School to Post Graduate
  • Creator and Co-Facilitator of arts & activist youth workshop for young women
  • Generate lesson plans and curricula for arts education programming
  • Facilitator of theater for Rehabilitation Through the Arts at the Fishkill Correctional Facility



Professional Actor

Theater, Film, TV, and Commercial, New York, NY and Regional                           2007- Present


M.F.A. Acting, Yale School of Drama

B.A. Theater, Fordham University