Artist Statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, whose foundation is in theater.

I am passionate about how the art of theater has the ability to provide an accessible platform that creates community in a way that is powerful, sacred, and impactful to society. To that end, I see my practice including the creation of art in connection with and in response to the realities of the world I live in.

Over the last few years of my career as an artist, I have found my voice to be grounded in a commitment to ending racism and colorism. Theater, in a variety of forms and practices, is the tool that I use to initiate that cultural transformation. Theater provides the context for out-of-the-box conversations to occur among diverse populations.

After graduating from the Yale School of Drama with an MFA in Acting, I created Company Cypher with Gamal Palmer, an arts organization that strives to transform the conversation regarding racism through theater, community building and arts education. We create new theater, redefine theater as we know it, and use other modalities such as community organizing, workshops and educational programming to push the boundaries of art as it is lived in our contemporary world.

As an advocate for socioeconomic equity, racial justice, and civic participation, I am dedicated to using artistic invention to create a united, multi-cultural planet, healed from the impact of racism. As a contemporary theater maker, I am dedicated to expanding the vision and relevance of what theater can be. This conversation of social transformation using the arts is of vital importance, and I’m committed to discovering innovative methods with which to express and move forward the human experience.